First Everweb Blog Post

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Note:  This blog entry was actually written on December 7th, 2020 as I start to backfill the blog from when I sadly had to stop using iWeb.

When the new shiny Mac Powerbook showed up it was time to say goodbye to iWeb,  the great web authoring software that we have been using since April of 2011.  The Everweb software is advertised as importing iWeb sites and iWeb blogs,  unfortunately it can't import iWeb blogs with mixed images and text the way we'd used iWeb.  Since we have some 800 blog entries the suggestion that we manually recreate the pages wasn't going anywhere.  Likewise,  the offer from Everweb to provide a quote for Everweb to do the importing (that the software is advertised as doing automatically !) was also a non-starter.  I should point out that I'd tried Everweb for free before I bought it and had had the company confirm that the import function was not quite as advertised so it is not as if I should ask for any kind of refund.


So,  I'm learning to try to get a simple clean new blog in place using Everweb and trying to graft it into the original website file structure.  The original Senta II web pages and blog is still there,  so is the blog where we picked back up after the hiatus when my father passed;  blog II.  My initial reaction to Everweb is that it has a lot more capabilities than iWeb but it also seems very limited when it comes to page layout features.  I may simply not have figured out how to do it yet but it doesn't look like I can automatically have drop shadows for all the images,  something which I personally really liked in iWeb.  Right now I also don't know how to do image placement on the page other than left,  right or center,  (no overlapping ?).  Again,  maybe both can be accomplished but it is not as intuitively obvious as it was with iWeb.

It seems I have also run into an Everweb bug when placing text in arbitrary positions on a blog page.  The software does not do what the manual says it should do and when I contacted Everweb support about it the reply was "You do not need TextBoxes to create text content for blogs" which seems to indicate that the software doesn't support text boxes on blog pages.  This is obviously not good news.

Another bug (?) is that Everweb seems to have mis-linked the 'next' 'previous' links at the bottom of this page.  Maybe it will end up relinking as I keep editing and re-uploading these pages.

Feel free to offer suggestions or critiques or corrections if you've read this far in this boring blog entry !