Dinghy options

Friday, June 12, 2020

The dinghy that we bought with LAGOM was actually in really good shape if one considers that it was 20-some years old.  So is the Nissan 9.8 hp 2-stroke outboard.  Since the dinghy leaked air and needed to be pumped up about once per week we decided to replace it.

We seriously considered copying Chris and Marissa and getting a Fatty Knees sailing dinghy.  We envied them being out in their little cutie,  sailing around in the harbor.  Our 2 hp Yamaha 2-stroke outboard would have been perfect for it.


We contacted the current manufacturer and got a quote which got our attention.  I think the cost was something close to $10K which was a bit above our planned budget,  to say the least.  We still went as far as finding out that we could get templates for the bottom so we would be able to build a cradle up on the dinghy deck.

In the end we decided against the cuteness and just went with a standard Achillies 9.5' inflatabe. We still had to modify the existing cradle on the dinghy deck as the new Achilles was about 4" narrower than the old inflatable and we didn't want the dinghy to rest on the tubes but on the fiberglass bottom. 

The new dinghy is nice and shiny and the only problem is that the transome is set up for a short-sgaft engine and our Nissan 9.8 is a long-shaft.  The result is that we get spray over the transom at high speed,  but we'll live with it.

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