Painful transition

Sunday, December 13, 2020

This Everweb switchover is definitely painful.

I'm still waiting for some resolution regarding the broken 'prior' and 'next' links which should tie the blog entries together.  I did the full re-upload as suggested and purged caches and the links are still broken.  I used the upload function which is part of their program to submit the project for analysis but I was told the first link their software generated didn't work.  When I tested it the link worked for me but I could of course not access the files in their password-protected file system.  I resubmitted a new copy of the project file as they suggested using their program's function once again at noon yesterday and I'm waiting for a response.

If this problem gets resolved we can move on to the clumsy way drag and drop of images into blog pages seems to work.  I'm hoping I'm just doing it wrong but we'll see.

It also seems as if the software might be uploading full-size copies of the blog images rather than scaling the images to the size they are displayed at.  Again,  I might be wrong,  but it seems like the blog pages download very slowly,  or at least the images do.  I'll have to go back and compare with the pages I created with iWeb.