Don't think EverWeb is going to work out.

Monday, December 21, 2020

I got an answer back from EverWeb about the buggy next-prior link issue.  They did not appear to know why the links got broken in the first place nor did they have an explanation for why "Publish entire site" did not indeed publish the entire site and overwrite what was already there.  Their solution was to manually delete the buggy pages and then re-upload;  they did a fresh upload on their servers and the links were no longer broken.

Having been deeply involved in software development since the late 60s I do not like it when there are known bugs that are not understood.  The buggyness coupled with the poor page layout capabilities and treatment of blog pages as something destinct from regular (albite automaticaly linked and indexed) web pages just doesn't give me very much confidence.

I'll limp along with EverWeb until I find a better solution but the blog will definitely not be up to iWeb standards until I settle on a usable EverWeb replacement.